The Company

Endev is a Finnish cleantech company founded in 2011. We offer solutions for utilizing wastewater treatment sludge in energy production and nutrient recovery. Our team has over one hundred years of combined expertise in development of thermal processes. The core of our solutions is the innovative and patented circulating mass dryer and reactor combination. Our technology has been tested thoroughly with good results at our test facility in the city of Kotka. Our current modernized test facility is situated in the town of Pyhtää. We are also building together with Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi (NEVE) our first full scale facility in Rovaniemi in northern Finland and it will finish in the beginning of 2018. The project has been chosen by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment as a key project in nutrient recycling.

We at Endev believe in a future where todays waste streams are considered as valuable resources. Currently sludge that is the by-product of wastewater treatment is viewed as a waste that needs to be disposed of one way or another. We on the other hand think of sludge as a renewable resource that should be utilized to recover energy and nutrients. That is why our vision is to change the public view of sludge. We are doing this by providing cost efficient solutions for utilizing sludge streams on an industrial scale. Our innovative technology can turn sludge into sustainable energy and nutrients while eliminating contaminants.

Our technology is a compact and cost-effective solution for thermal treatment of biomass with high water content.